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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Learning Treasures 2013: Green supreme shake

Learning Treasures 2013: Green supreme shake: I found this recipe from Family Fresh Cooking.com located here: Green Supreme Shake This is our first try at the nutrient packed shak...

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Helpful songs, poems, and sayings: parts of speech

My husband was reading one of my books to our kids for bedtime. This isn't your typical story book, it's more an old school teacher/student helper. It's called i before e (except after c). After he finished he told me about what he read, and how it would be really helpful. He also suggested I could post one a day on my forums, and I thought this could be a great addition to my blog. Thanks for the idea Craig!

I found this helpful entry on the parts of speech at the beginning of the book. The Parts of Speech by David B. Tower and Benjamin F. Tweed:
A noun's the name of any thing; As, school or garden, hoop, or swing. Adjectives tell the kind of noun; As, great, small pretty, white, or brown. Three of these words we often see Called articles- a, an, and the. Instead of nouns the Pronouns stand; John's head, his face, my arm, your hand. Verbs tell of something being done; As, read, write, spell, sing, jump, or run. How things are done the adverbs tell; As, slowly, quickly, ill, or well. They also tell us where and when; As, here, and there, and now, and then. A preposition stands before A noun; as, in, or through, a door. Conjunctions sentences unite; As, kitchen scratch and puppies bite. The interjection shows surprise Another rhyme called "The Parts of Speech" origin unknown Every name is called and noun, As field and fountain, street and town. In place of noun the pronoun stands, As he and she can clap their hands. The adjective describes a thing, As magic wand and bridal ring. The verb mean action, something done- To read, to write, to jump, to run. How things are done, the adverbs tell, As quickly, slowly, badly, well. The preposition shows relation, As in the street, or at the station. Conjunctions join, in many ways, Sentences, words, or phrase and phrase. The interjection cries out, "Hark! I need an exclamation mark! Through poetry, we learn how to each Of these make up the Parts of Speech.

Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm having a sale!

I'm having a sale at my store, from February 1st - 5th There is also a super sale on Sunday. The pass code for Sunday is SUPER. This goes to my store Kindergarten, First, Second, Third - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas products almost ready for bundle!

I have been working on my PowerPoint skills to create some stylized Christmas goodies. I am slowly adding more to my TpT store and I even got my first two sales from these adorable winter clip-arts, frames, and borders!

While I worked on each of those I created a separate set of snowflake art, using the design from the snowflakes I created in the blue and white snowflake background. Each thing I work on, seems to inspire a new creation. As a matter of fact, the candy-cane designs I created in the first two sets were the inspiration  for a much larger set of candy-cane art.  


I decided to try each design in 11 different colors tints and shades, with one set in standard flat colors with outlines, and another set using matching gradients and no outlines!
I just finished my new candy-cane collection and I put them up today! (I thought they would be easy.) These may not look extremely complicating, but they took a long time and a great deal of precise placement. Even though they are created for these winter months, some of them can also be used throughout the year.  


I have to say, when I am in creation mode, I am always thinking of new things, new ideas, ways to expand on what I'm doing, and subtle additions and changes to make more clip-arts. Then I have to decide, 'Do I really want to put in all the work and add more and more, should I stop and get it out there, should I create more sets to sell separately, or should I just put it all together?' With the candy-cane art, it got to be so huge, I finally decided to separate it into two individual items. I have one set of clip art and frames (shown above), and another set of backgrounds (shown below).

My next creation will be traditional Christmas clip-art, and I hope I don't take long since Christmas is almost upon us! Then I will set out to make one large Christmas bundle of all of them! I know I got a late start on some of these, but that's fine. They will be all ready for next year, and I'm sure I'll make lots more then. 
I am still learning a lot, and I have a lot to learn. I am enjoying my new work, creating digital art for others to use and enjoy. I hope some of my visitors will stop by my teeny tiny store and take a peak, and just maybe you might find something you like. Who knows, it may even find a new home with you!